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Studio Luz merged under the same space two of the founder passions: art and healing.

Located between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the studio have private entrepreneur offices, private artist studios and a central common place for art classes, healing workshops and exhibitions.

During the week there are art classes for children and adults, and every 3rd weekend of the month, the studio offers workshops with different techniques and approaches that combine art + healing, with the aim of sharing this sacred place in a creative and peaceful way to navigate Together our journey as One.


Art Classes

106 Frost Street Brooklyn, 11211, New York

Studio Luz provides children with high-quality art materials to experience the creative process at its best, introducing age-appropriate lessons.

Based on exploration and discovery, classes are planned and scaffolded to improve children's motor skills, develop creative skills, and enrich their vocabulary.

Working independently or in group projects, children have the opportunity to continue practicing their collaborative skills, exchange ideas for problem solving, and provide feedback to their peers on work done. Regardless of the topic or materials to explore, each child receives instructions designed for their level of experience.


“When it comes to the curriculum, we are all different: we all have unique methods of learning and absorbing information. That is why I work from where they are, I listen to what interests them and based on that I organize activities adapted to each child.

After a couple of decades teaching privately and in city public schools and nurseries and training teachers to incorporate visual arts into their classrooms, my aim is to wake up the inner artist that we all carry within "-Lia

In Person Classes

Art Classes for Children 4 to 8 years old


Art classes for children ages 4-8 focus on process and discovery. By encouraging exploration and validating their discoveries, children can freely experience the inherent properties of art materials and observe how they approach them.

By making decisions and solving problems that arise during the creative process, children feel free to take risks, learning from 'mistakes', and gaining confidence in their work that expresses their inner artist.

Art for Adults


Classes are developed  and crafted accordingly to the experience level and interest.

Basic of drawing and painting.
Elements of Art.
Each class is created accordingly to each level and own needs of exploration and/or interest.

Email us for more information.


Lia Zuvilivia is an artist, teacher, mom, reiki practitioner and the founder of Studio Luz Healing + Art. She offers art classes for kids and adults in the studio and works as an artist in residence in public schools and daycares around the city.
She noticed an impressive change in her teaching after she began her Reiki practice almost a decade ago. "Following the direct path of Oneness healing, I have committed myself to transmit the beauty of Reiki along with art, to encourage people through artistic creation or Reiki, to choose the path of personal care, to discover the deepest being -our own true nature". Keep reading




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